DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS offer full range of Data, Voice and Video Communication Networks, DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS Design an integrated solution upon the latest Technology and standard DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS Implement the equipment and, infrastructure cabling, DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS Guaranty our solutions and services.


Professional Services

Our information and communication technology services help you enhance and maintain your IT environment to improve the overall quality and efficiency of your operations, our constant support, and maintenance ensure your IT investment is worth it.

Advanced Services

Making The Best Use Of Deployed Technology. Achieve Complete Visibility Of Network To Improve Uptime. Protection From The Latest Risks And Vulnerabilities. Mitigating All The Identified Risks And Protect The Brand Value. Increasing The Efficiency Of Networks. Follow Industry Standard Best Practices.

Implementation Services

Requirements Validation. Facilities Qualification (Site Survey). Low-Level Design Development. Migration Plan Development. User Acceptance Test Plan Development. Implementation And Acceptance Test Execution. Knowledge Transfer And Final Documentation.


Our engineers and technicians will start installing Network and they will perform both operational and full load tests to make sure of its Operability and Durability.

Fine tuning

Our engineers will be happy to help you on Tuning your networks' performance and to make sure of the maximum utilization of all Network Resources.


Network Redesign Consultations.

This service is offered to customers who have a running network, but they are not satisfied with its performance, we can provide those customers with solutions to improve their network performance at minimal cost. Our network specialist will analyze the customers ' network as follows:

Traffic analysis

Our network specialist will start analyzing communication traffic and studying the Traffic pattern over your network using an advanced system monitoring utilities and Devices to specify the network bottlenecks in order to redesign your network to Minimize traffic congestion.

Server resources analysis

After a full thorough traffic study is Done, our engineers will analyze the system usage and server resources availability in both distributed systems to study the need of upgrading the Server (memory, Storage, CPU or adding new Server).

Workstations capabilities

The last measure to be taken into consideration is the workstations capabilities (distributed systems only) in order to study the acceptable performance level of workstation that should be to work properly with the used applications.


Network operation and maintenance

We can offer you upon the customer request a network maintenance contract containing All possible options that may suite our customer requirements:

Global Contract

Includes on call service, preventive, and periodic Maintenance, and system periodic tune up Including spare parts.

On-call Contract

Includes only on-call service including spare parts which we refer as warranty extension contracts.

Case by case

Within this contract we give only response DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS and service price list then. payments will be considered separately case by case.


Hands on training.

We can offer our customer on-job training in two basic levels: User level, And Administration level, in order to Guarantee the proper usage for the network from the Staff which will be reflected on the overall performance of the system.



Extended Services.

DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS Takes the pleasure to provide the extended services during or after warranty period including out Of working hours for maintaining and supporting the installed equipment and any further support Requested by customer,

also using DATA CENTER SOLUTIONS engineering resources as long as necessary Software Update service which designed to allow customers to introduce their network in a planned And cost effective way based on their particular business requirements with fixed price over one year Period and customer will receive all major updates.

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